How To Submit Your ID Photo

In an effort to maintain the highest quality customer services while keeping the Lesley ID card process efficient and secure, Campus Services, and the Lesley Card Office has created a process for submitting ID card photo’s electronically.

This process is safe and efficient and will be submitted from your Lesley Email address and then downloaded to the ID Card System. The Cards will then be produced and delivered to the student. Please note the Card Office and Public Safety on the Doble Campus will continue to produce ID cards on campus. The university will mail ID’s directly to students, or you will receive your ID when you check in, in September.

How To Submit Your Photo

What you will need:
1.) Your Student ID number
2.) Your Lesley Email Address
3.) A passport style digital photo of yourself
4.) Access to the internet with your Lesley Email Address

Step 1: Your Student ID Number
You can locate this number in LOIS, on your registration forms, or by calling the Registrar at 1.800.999.1959 extension 8740.

Step 2: Your Lesley Email Address
You must send the email from your Lesley Address. IE.

Step 3: Your Digital Photograph
A clear head and shoulders Digital Photo of yourself. The photo must be in JPEG (JPG) or Bitmap (BMP) format. Less than 5 megabytes in size, and should measure about 2 inches by 2 inches.
You need to be facing the camera fully, arms at your side.
Prescription eye glasses are allowed if the lenses are clear and free of glare.
Sun Glasses are NOT allowed. Your eyes must be clearly visible.
Hats and head wear are NOT allowed.
Religious Head Wear is allowed as long as your face is completely visible.

Step 4: Once You Have Your Photo
You will need access to the internet so that you can attach your digital photo to an email.
Save your photo as your name. For example johnsmith.jpg or johnsmith.bmp Attach your photo in an email from your Lesley University email address In the Subject Line put: ID Photo your Last Name, your First Name, ID Number (IE. ID Photo Smith John 1234567.)
Send your ID photo to
You are done! Your photo ID will be mailed to you or ready for you at check-in in September.
Lesley University reserves the right to reject any photo at the University’s discretion.